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FAQs: (FAQs will be updated often)

  1. Can satellite data other than ISRO be used?
  2. Ans: One of the aim of this Mapathon is to explore high quality ISRO data and ; promote ISRO data usage and products. So, only data from ISRO web pages should be used.

  3. Is it mandatory to use only QGIS or open source software?
  4. Ans. Yes. It is mandatory to use either QGIS or any other open source GIS software only.

  5. Can someone with limited knowledge of QGIS participate in the event?
  6. Ans. Yes. In fact, this event also gives you an opportunity to participate in a workshop& and to learn QGIS software using spoken tutorials in the resources tab.

  7. From where I can access the ISRO data?
  8. Ans. The links for different ISRO data sources can be accessed here.

  9. Can someone use the in-situ data to validate the analysis done using ISRO data.
  10. Ans. Yes

  11. For evaluation do we need to submit the shapefiles?
  12. Ans. Finalist will need to submit the map files for evaluation.

  13. How will the submission of the final map be done?
  14. Ans. The submission of the final maps will be done online via Moodle. Instructions will follow after close of registration.

  15. Will the participants get a confirmation mail with details after the registration?
  16. Ans. Yes, participants will get a confirmation mail, once the registration is closed.

  17. Will all participants get certificate?
  18. Ans. Yes, all submissions will get certificate of completion, and shortlisted teams will get certificate/prizes.